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Pediatric digestive, pancreatic and hepatic complex disease

Du 31 janvier 2019 au 01 février 2019.
Cet événement a lieu jeudi et vendredi.


Some pediatric diseases of the digestive tract, liver and pancreas are extremely complex to treat. Short bowel syndrome, portal hypertension, congenital porto- systemic shunts and chronic pancreatitis, requires a multidisciplinary approach among different medical specialties. This Conference is designed to bring pediatric gastroenterologists, surgeons, hepatologists, interventional radiologist professionals and residents of those specialties who dedicate themselves to the care of children with those complex diseases. The Symposium will address the pathophysiology, and latest developments in surgical and non surgical therapies, and outcomes based work in the field. The meeting format integrates medical, radiological and surgical dialogue and experience among well recognized professionals in the field to improve the management of those pediatric diseases.



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